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LF a DC self insert who doesn’t immediately tattle to the justice league Recs Wanted So I’ve been reading some dc si’s lately and one of my pet peeves is immediately assuming the best action is to get your meta knowledge to the justice league
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eg: ∯ || You told me once that I was the only person on that team you might consider a friend... I can say now that I should have taken you at your word long ago. ∯ || I wish we had more occasion to...
Despite Dick being powerless, his fellow Titans has no problem lashing out at him when he pisses them off. Starfire has fired her bolts at him and Donna has tried to punched him.
Aug 25, 2009 · I really want to up my prose, but I'm obviously never going to get anywhere from reading FanFiction my whole life (no offense to any writers out there, though. I've definitely come across some good stories in my time.) I've never been able to find a normal book that can keep my attention like FanFiction does. Nov 24, 2018 - Page 7 Read De-aged Brothers from the story The Bat Family (the Bat Brothers fanfic) by ToniInWonderland (Toni In Wonderland) with 5,872 reads. brucewayne, dam...
Get in touch with Цитаты из фанфиков (@fanfiction_quot) — 141 answers, 61 likes.› Get more: Dc fanfiction self insert magicAll Software. Extra-universal Characters: Self-Inserts, OC-Inserts, and. › Get more: Best fanfiction self insertsAll Software. Osmosian OCSI Chapter 1, a dc superheroes fanfic | FanFiction.
Mar 30, 2018 · Hi guys, I am looking for some fanfiction where mc transmigrated in the Marvel or Dc Universe like novel in this link, It will be even better if mc is... Self Insert. Related Series (?) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The Group For Those That Self-Insert 9 stories · 13 members. Human in Friendship is magic 14 stories · 12 members. Stories That Are Never Noticed 12 stories · 20 members.
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