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MSD - For modified engines with a custom ignition curve, magnetic pickup, and that can be easily connected to a MSD ignition unit (5, 6AL, 7AL2/3, etc). These MUST have a CDI, and MSD compatible plug wires. Haltech/Electromotive - For the high tech junkie that wants infinite adjustability in their ignition timing.
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-Subtract the minimum (initial) timing (step 1) from the maximum timing as recorded in step two. The difference is the number of degrees of advance timing the Mechanical advance system is adding. Now lets look at an example, which will help you decide the next steps. Lets say the minimum timing is set at 8 BTDC, the vacuum advance provides an
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MSD’s E-Curve electronic programmable distributor enables you to dial in all timing elements based on how your engine will be used without changing weights or springs because it all happens electronically. You can adjust total timing, rev limit, rate of advance, and more with this distributor using a small, fl atblade screwdriver.
The Easy-to-adjust mechanical advance with supplied springs and stop bushings provide the ability to create a timing curve for your engine. Sep 26, 2019 · MSD Ford Crab Cap Distributors feature a maintenance-free magnetic pickup and a precision reluctor that delivers an accurate trigger signal right up to max RPM.
Jul 31, 2007 · Keep in mind that a short stroke high revving engines (ala' a hot 289) can accept, up to a limit, more total timing than a long stroke engine (stroker 393-408-427 SBF). As to generally accepted "hot rodding" principles, the total curve should come in a no more than 3,000 rpm and the lower the better. A low limit, again IMHO, should be 2,200 or so.
MSD Fixed Curve Timing Computer This Timing Computer has a pre-programmed timing curve that eliminates the need for a mechanical advance. When you start the car, the Timing Computer retards the timing 20 from the set mechanical timing. This provides easy starting and smooth idle.
Jul 20, 2016 · MSD’s chart (below) lays out your timing options for a given factor: Honestly, there is no one perfect curve for any engine. As a total package each racecar (or street-strip car) is different and because of this, each ignition curve will have to be different. That’s why it is important to have a distributor that can be re-curved easily. It will replace the MSD full centrif dist currently in my 445 with Ed heads and a Comp 294S cam. I'm currently running 16 deg of initial timing and I think it's set up with 38 deg total all in by 3K RPM. I will still run by MSD 6AL box and Blaster II coil. MSD says the Vac Advance Dist will provide 10 deg of advance with 15" of vacuum. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 3 CENTRIFUGAL ADVANCE CURVE SELECTING THE ADVANCE SPRINGS Timing Curve From Factory The rate, or how quick the advance comes in is determined by the type of springs which are installed on the distributor. The MSD distributors are equipped with two Heavy Silver springs installed.
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