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Level Requirements: Merchant Job 35+ Talk to Gershaun in Alberta (232,106) and bring him all those items to learn Cart Revolution which inflicts splash damage to all enemies in a 9 cell area around a target.
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In this guide, fendor shares his knowledge on the elaborate and far-ranging nature of becoming a master blacksmith in Classic WoW. This guide assumes you already have the knowledge to reach a high skill level in Blacksmithing and are now interested in different specializations such as weapon...
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Please like the video and Subscribe on the channelif you find this useful :)Rok On Citizens of Rune Midgard!
For: Merchant / Blacksmith / Whitesmith / Mechanic / Alchemist / Creator / Genetic: Atk + 192 When Luck reaches 90, Atk +100 When Dexterity reaches 90, Damage of Mammonite +40% When Refining reaches +5, +10, +15, Damage of Mamonite +10%, +20%, +30% respectively; Zeny cost of Mammonite +20%, 30%, 50%. I – Atk +32 II – Atk +32 III – Atk +32
Ragnarok blacksmith leveling guide. Base 45: As soon as all your chars reach base 45, go to Brasilis. Do the Lost Puppies Quest, Brasilis Dungeon Entrance Ragnarok blacksmith leveling guide. I suppose you could say that Ragnarok Mobile is one of my favorite games at the moment.
So Whitesmith it is! One of the best ragnarok classes. Very easy and enjoyable character to play with, it is the "all around" generic character for pretty much ANYTHING. But, it comes with a cost: or you need high agi and flee gears...All of the leveling guides were also outdated so I thought I might as well make a new one. All of the following information are things I had to piece together from multiple sources (wikis, forums, etc) and my own personal experience with the game. This guide is divided into three sections
All new content added today, including Endless Tower, new costumes in the Kafra Shop, and more! Recipe: Blacksmith's Frame Type: Recipe For Dwarves only. The recipe for a Blacksmith's frame. Requires Create Item - Skill Level 4. The success rate is 100%. NPC Name: Type: Quantity: Chance: Drop: Dailaon (37) Passive: 1: 1/268: Pageos (38) Passive: 1: 1/185: Forgotten Crewman (39) Passive: 1: 1.63%: Gigant Raider (39) Passive: 1: 2.23%: Lith ...
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