Thionyl chloride formula

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Lithium thionyl chloride batteries (Li/SOCl₂) belong to the lithium primary cell family. Unlike lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries, these cells cannot be recharged once they have been discharged.
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[Molecular Formula=C 21 H 25 NO 3, Formula Weight=339.42]. (Solubility=0.1g soluble in 10 ml methanol/10 ml acetone) . Diclofenac sodium (3 g, 0.01 m) has been reacted with 10 ml thionyl chloride and refluxed for 30 mins in moisture free environment until all diclofenac sodium has been dissolved.
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Thionyl chloride is more commonly and more safely employed for this application. A specific application for phosgene is the production of chloroformic esters: ROH + COCl 2 → ROC(O)Cl + HCl. Phosgene is stored in metal cylinders.
Ethyl alcohol on reaction with Thionyl chloride gives ethyl chloride and sulphur dioxide gas. CH3 CH2 OH+SOCl2 ⟶CH3 CH2 Cl+SO2 +HCl. Answered By.The known intermediate of formula (III) is prepared by conventional methods and is outlined below . Scheme-2: 4-(4-methyl piperazino methyl) benzoic acid dihydro chloride of the formula (IV) on chlorination with thionyl chloride yields 4-(4-methyl piperazino methyl) benzoyl chloride dihydro chloride of the formula (III). thionyl chloride in a polar aprotic solvent; (b) adding and a tertiary amine base to the mixture of step (a) to form a compound of Formula A; and (c) coupling a compound of Formula A with an amine of...
This information, based on experience to date, is believed to be reliable. It is intended as a guide for use at your own discretion and risk. All indications refer to room temperature.
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Thionyl chloride | SOCl2 - PubChem. Compound Thionyl chloride with free spectra: 1 NMR, 3 FTIR, and 2 Raman.
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